Squeeze or Wheezy for new projects?


I am interested in your opionions! If you would setup today an new server for a (business) project, would you use Debian Squeeze or Wheezy?

Personal – and already in most business cases – we have decided for Wheezy, because the pros are:

  • Enhanced hardening
  • More up to date technologies and scripting languages
  • Longer security support, because..
  • .. you do not have to dist-upgrade within the next year(?)

The cons:

  • It is not stable yet

What is your (business) opionion about it?

otrs 3.1.12 in Debian experimental


I have just uploaded otrs2 version 3.1.12+dfsg1-1 to Debian experimental yesterday! It includes many bugfixes, for a full list have a look at [0].

I also would welcome help for two important tasks:
#690306: Upgrade to Wheezy fails, if InnoDB is used in (some) tables
#695664: Embedded JavaScript code copies. As usual problematic with a package which is as big as otrs..

I also will backport otrs 3.1.x to Wheezy backports, if it is released. After this step, work on the 3.2.x packaging will begin.

[0]: otrs changelog