Squeeze or Wheezy for new projects?


I am interested in your opionions! If you would setup today an new server for a (business) project, would you use Debian Squeeze or Wheezy?

Personal – and already in most business cases – we have decided for Wheezy, because the pros are:

  • Enhanced hardening
  • More up to date technologies and scripting languages
  • Longer security support, because..
  • .. you do not have to dist-upgrade within the next year(?)

The cons:

  • It is not stable yet

What is your (business) opionion about it?

One thought on “Squeeze or Wheezy for new projects?

  1. At whitehats (my company) we decided last month to use wheezy in most production systems – it’s stable enough. Just keep in mind that it could be problematic and perform upgrades first on test machines…

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