Squeeze or Wheezy for new projects?


I am interested in your opionions! If you would setup today an new server for a (business) project, would you use Debian Squeeze or Wheezy?

Personal – and already in most business cases – we have decided for Wheezy, because the pros are:

  • Enhanced hardening
  • More up to date technologies and scripting languages
  • Longer security support, because..
  • .. you do not have to dist-upgrade within the next year(?)

The cons:

  • It is not stable yet

What is your (business) opionion about it?

1 thought on “Squeeze or Wheezy for new projects?

  1. At whitehats (my company) we decided last month to use wheezy in most production systems – it’s stable enough. Just keep in mind that it could be problematic and perform upgrades first on test machines…

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