otrs and geoip-database updates

I have just uploaded the monthly update of geoip-database to Debian unstable and squeeze-backports, unblock request already filled.

I also uploaded otrs2 in the new version 3.2.1+dfsg1-1, which is also “fixing” bug #690306, “fixing” because the upgrade will abort with a list of MySQL tables where the administrator has to fix ether the engine from MyISAM to InnoDB (or the other way, as he want to) and by fxing the default engine of his MySQL database server. Ugly issue, ugly hack, but there is no better solution..

Full changelog of otrs Debian packaging:

   * New upstream release.
     - Add new dependency libyaml-libyaml-perl.
     - Refresh patch 03-postmaster.
     - Refresh patch 05-opt.
     - Refresh patch 13-dont-chown-links.
     - Refresh patch 16-disable-DashboardProductNotify.
     - Refresh patch 19-fix-SetPermissions-to-include-some-more-dirs.
     - Rewrite patch 25-use-locale-country, since all_country_names() does not
       accept arguments.
     - Refresh patch 26-font-paths.
     - Rewrite patch 04-backup.
     - Rewrite patch 15-usable-apache-config.
     - Rewrite patch 21-use-debian-libjs-packages.
     - Rewrite patch 23-load-debian-libjs.
     - Remove old database schemas and add new 3.2 ones.
   * Monitor all releases again.
   * Drop patch 24-default-myisam and check with the new otrs.CheckDB.pl script,
     if the available tables and the used storage engine are equal. If it is not
     the case the installation should abort, so that the administrator can fix
     his MySQL server or the already created tables.
     Closes: #690306
   * Remove deprecated packaging notes from README.Debian.
   * Remove deprecated NEWS file from packaging.
   * Remove deprecated files from otrs2.examples.
   * Solve duplicate-changelog-files by not installing the CHANGES file.
   * Remove some more deprecated files from otrs2.docs.
   * Add lintian override for empty-binary package otrs.
   * Remove some old permission fixes from debian/rules.
   * Add upstream patch 01-innodb-fk-error to fix some foreign key errors if the
     tables are created with InnoDB.