OTRS updates

Debian Wheezy will come with otrs 3.1.7, I also backported one important upstream patch from 3.1.8 to it. Also you can get now 3.1.8+dfsg1-1 from experimental :)

With the 3.1.7 packaging I also migrated our otrs instance from 2.4.9 to 3.1.7 a few weeks ago, with some small problems:

  • We are using Apache as webserver for otrs, which requires the libapache2-reload-perl package. It is just a recommends, because if you run otrs on another webserver, it is not required. So this package was missing after the upgrade and Apache silently died. But having a look at the error.log mod_perl complains about the missing module.
  • We are using MySQL as database backend. With MySQL 5.5 Oracle changed the default storage engine from MyISAM to InnoDB, which is a good choice, but OTRS never used the ENGINE option in their installation and upgrade MySQL scripts. So if you upgrade an existing installation, some ALTER TABLE would fail, because of some FK fuck up between MyISAM and InnoDB tables. That was fixed with 3.1.5+dfsg1-2 by adding some “default storage engine” foo, but our remote MySQL cluster did not knew this option, yet, so I also had to patch out my patches on upgrading :(
    I am already interested in better fixes for the packaging!
  • Printing/Exporting tickets resulted in an “Internal server error”, fixed with 3.1.7+dfsg1-2 by adjusting the font paths. The Perl module has dropped the embedded font copies.

Now after five years of working with otrs 2.x in my company, all our agents accept the new 3.1 one and they are happy with it :-)

In the next weeks I also will check a backport of the 3.1.7 release for Squeeze.


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