Debian Wheezy status of fglrx-driver

After too much months without a working fglrx-driver for Wheezys Xserver 1.12 we have got now a fully working version!

What happened?

  • On the 14.05.2012 fglrx-driver was removed in favour of the xserver 1.12 upgrade
  • AMD decided to not publish their driver on an monthly base anymore :(
  • After some more user complaints AMD published the 12-6~beta driver with 1.12 xserver support, but it also removes support for “older” hardware (RadeonHD 2000-4000 series) and this release introduced the bug #675940 which made fglrx-driver completly unuseable on amd64 (crashing Xorg)
  • The 12-6 release also did not fix the crash bug and it was scheduled for something like october (if I remember correctly)
  • After some mail traffic with some AMD developers and another month waiting for an offical answer, AMD created a point release for Debian! Much thanks to AMD! So I have called it 12-6+point and it is working like a charm :)

Freeze exception for it is filled since > 10 days, we are now just waiting for an answer.

If you are missing support for the older RadeonHD series, Andreas (co-maint of fglrx-driver) just packaged the legacy driver, which is available in experimental.
Very much thanks to him, especially for all his very good fglrx-driver packaging work!

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