Recent packaging updates 2012/09

What I have done (on my packages for Wheezy) in the last weeks?


0.9.4-3 and 0.9.4-4 adds two upstream patches to remove an applicable use of /proc in Perls procfs_read() method, which fixes LXC detection and another patch to not count the dmesg lines twice within the KVM detection module.
Much thanks to Thomas Liske!


The 0.8.0-4 upload also adds two upstream patches to fix an major memory leak in the mlt_cache function and a crash with LADSPA plugins on dlclose().
And here much thanks to Dan Dennedy!
I have also uploaded 0.8.2-1 to experimental.


1.0~beta2-2 and 1.0~beta2-3 added a few upstream patches to fix security and major use problems. The debdiff was a bit huge so it took a bit more time to unblock/migrate.
1.0~beta5-1 is also available in experimental.
Much thanks for the patch support to Philipp Schafft!


With the 2.4.9+dfsg1-3+squeeze3 upload (DSA-2536-1) there was an security update for otrs2 on Squeeze which fixes a cross-site scripting issue and improved the e-mail filter to detect nested tags. Those – with a few other fixes – migrated with 3.1.7+dfsg1-5 to testing, while I also uploaded 3.1.10+dfsg1-1 to experimental.
Now I can focus on the upcoming 3.2.x packaging. :)

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